How much does it cost??

Lessons cost between £8.00 and £10.00 per session, depending on which Dojo you go to (monthly costs work out much cheaper; speak to the Club Instructor).

Annual membership costs £30 for Adults, £25 for Students and £20 for Juniors (under 18).
This includes a membership book and compulsory insurance (required by our group) prior to starting.
We are a non profit making group and all monies are used to pay hall fees and equipment (judo mats etc).

Is it dangerous?
Aikido is first and foremost a martial art and as such must be treated with respect. However; this is taught by competent, practised and qualified instructors (which all of our instructors are), the risks of serious injury is taken into consideration and minimised under the guidance of the Instructors.

Can anyone do it?
By utilising an attackers power, momentum and balance, very little strength is required to control joint locks or throws, so Aikido is suited to both men and women of all ages. [Younger persons under the age of 18 are taught the same techniques, but are restricted to have locks applied to them that contort the bones or stretch tissue].

What should I wear?
To start with; a t-shirt and track-suit bottoms or anything similar is suitable. After about 4-6 weeks, we recommend you buy a Dogi (Judo suit). This will allow specific grabbing of the clothing (without tearing) and will be part of the uniform required at seminars and clubs etc.

How long will it take me to be a Black belt?
Training regularly twice a week, an average student can achieve the Black belt level in around 3-5 years.
The ‘Black Belt’ or ‘Shodan’ is the first step, with the primary aim to develope the martial art and for continued progression.

Are there any books on Aikido I can buy?
Yes, for a list of recommended Yoshinkan Aikido books; Dynamic Aikido, Aikido Shugyo by Gozo Shioda and Total Aikido will put you in good stead.

How old do I have to be?
At present we run classes for adults (Age 18 and above) in Borehamwood, Harrow Weald and Elmbridge Dojo’s.
As aikido uses locks and controls that applies pressure to joints, younger people therefore require specific tuition and these classes are taught in a separate class in Potters Bar.

Who teaches and what certification do they have?
Only qualified Instructors teach at each Dojo (training Hall), every Instructor must hold the following certification:
Valid Dan Grade certificate for the level achieved, Instructor Certificate, First Aid Certificate (3 years), Valid Insurance and a Group Licence.

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