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History of SENDOKAI Aikido UK Group

The ‘SENDOKAI Aikido Yoshinkan UK’ was amalgamated as a group on the 30th March 2008.

The group name was taken from the SENDOKAN Dojo, as this was originally named and officially opened by Ando Sensei on the 23rd August 1994.  The SENDOKAN Dojo was originally at the Edgware School (which has subsequently been demolished in place of a new Academy school), therefore we moved into a new hall in Harrow Weald, this is now the location of the Dojo to date.

The SENDOKAI was formed in order to continue the Yoshinkan Aikido as practised by the Sensei/Aikidoka at the SENDOKAN and the groups satellite Dojo’s. Our technical direction is from the high ranking Yoshinkan Sensei from Japan to the groups Instructors, who in turn disseminate this information and techniques to the SENDOKAI as a group. Through continued contact with high ranking Sensei, this keeps us up in contact with any updates, technical changes and the subtleties the Shihan’s demonstrate at seminars throughout the world. This furthers our knowledge; to enhance our Instructors and Students collectively.

Sensei Harrison has hosted many seminars and over the past years including: Ando Shihan (1994, 2008 & 2014), Payet Shihan (on many occasions) and Kancho Shioda (1980′s and 2010), to continue the technical knowledge base at first hand level for the SENDOKAI group and for other Yoshinkan groups here in England. As these continued improvements are required for the SENDOKAI’s growth, understanding and progression.

Our group comprises of four main Dojo here in England located in: Borehamwood, Harrow Weald, Potters Bar and Devon, of which one of the Dojo has been in existence in the London area from the late 1970′s and is continued by Sensei Harrison since his recognition as a Yoshinkan Instructor from 1983 (graded by Sensei Ted Stratton, Sensei David Eayres, Sensei David Thompson and Sensei John France).

Sensei Harrison is appointed as the Chief Instructor of the group and has other competent Yoshinkan Instructors alongside him, in order to assist, to maintain structure and continue the expansion of knowledge.

The SENDOKAI has links with other Yoshinkan Aikido Organisations/Groups here in England, also world-wide ; Sensei in Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and America. We maintain a non political, open minded and receptive group who primarily practice Yoshinkan Aikido, we also practice with other styles of Aikido on a continued basis and with other styles of martial arts.

SENDOKAI Aikido Yoshinkan UK

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