John Reynolds

Instructor Profile Instructor Sen Do Kai    2nd Dan Yoshinkan Aikido Coach   Sensei Reynolds began practising Yoshinkan Aikido in June 1993, under the guidance and tuition of Sensei Terry Harrison. Over the years he has accumulated an extensive knowledge of Yoshinkan Aikido and other styles of Aikido. He has attended seminars with high ranking Sensei, also instrumental in demonstrations for: Terada Saikokomon 9th Dan, Inoue Hanshi 9th Dan, Takeno Shihan and has attended many of the Kancho Gozo Shioda Memorial seminars in the UK to date. He was Sensei Harrison’s Uke for his 5th Dan grading in 2002 under the Instruction of Terada Saikokomon 9th Dan, where Sensei Harrison was awarded his 5th Dan and Instructor certificate authenticated by Terada Saikokomon 9th Dan and issued by Chida Shihan from the Honbu Dojo Japan. He has made the effort to visit as many high ranking Sensei that he can; in order to practice under the guidance of the high ranking Honbu Sensei from the Honbu Dojo Japan; including Terada Saikokomon, Inoue Hanshi, Takeno Shihan, Chida Shihan in Poland, Sensei Robert Mustard, to further his knowledge of Yoshinkan Aikido over the coming years. He is an Instructor for the Sen Do Kai Aikido Group based in the London Hertfordshire and Surrey areas since 2000 to date. Sensei Reynolds assists Sensei Harrison at his Dojo and also ran a Club in the Harrow Leisure Centre for a couple of years with an associate Instructor Sensei Tom Thiel.

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