Simon Hill

Instructor Profile 

Senior Instructor Sen Do Kai

 3rd Dan Yoshinkan Aikido


Sensei Hill began practising Yoshinkan Aikido in September 1983, under the guidance and tuition of Sensei Terry Harrison. His other Sensei included; Sensei David Thompson, Shihan David Eayrs (founder of Ken Shin Kai and a founder member of the British Aikido Board) and Soke Ted Stratton (founder of Shudokan Institute of Aikido and a founder member of the British Aikido Board). Over the years he has accumulated an extensive knowledge of Yoshinkan Aikido and other styles of Aikido. In addition to this, he received specific tuition from Terada Saikokomon 9th Dan, Inoue Hanshi 9th Dan, Kai Kuniyuki Shihan, Francis Ramasamy 6th Dan, Yasuhisa Shioda Kancho 8th Dan and Ando Shihan 8th Dan.

He visited the Honbu Dojo in 1999 (Japan Tokyo) along with Sensei Harrison, to practice under the guidance of the high ranking Honbu Sensei, in order to extend his knowledge of Yoshinkan Aikido to progress over the coming years. He was also present at the Sendokan Dojo when Ando Shihan officially opened and named Sensei Harrison’s Dojo ‘SENDOKAN’ in 1994.

He is the Senior Instructor for the Sen Do Kai Aikido Organisation based in the London Hertfordshire and Surrey areas since 1985 to date. Sensei Hill also runs a Club in Potters Bar, close to his home and is spreading Aikido Yoshinkan outside the M25 to surrounding areas.

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